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A Day Out at Moorak

We headed out to McLaren Vale to chat with Jordan Hein, the creator of Moorak. We chatted about all things wine, finding out how he got into the game, what he loves about it and of course finding out some cheeky insights to his latest releases. He also had his little Labrador puppy, Ernie there who completely stole the show. Who could blame us with a face like that. 

Okay, but who the fuck is Jordan?

Jordan is an SA legend who has always had a passion for wine and has created his own wine label, Moorak. From making his first wine in his backyard by following a youtube video (which did not go well). To learning the ropes and getting his name out there with his first batch of wine, to today where he is now producing 30 tonnes with many more grape varieties and is forever experimenting with new blends.

We wanted to keep this interview fun, so we incorporated some questions and games to keep him thinking: "What is your favourite wine myth / misconception?"

To which we would have to very strongly agree with his answer… as much as we don’t want to. The myth is that sulphur gives you headaches. When in reality “really, it was probably the extra glass you shouldn’t have had at the end of the night” which most of us are guilty of, not the sulphur. 

We almost felt a little mean as we also played a blind tasting game in which he was definitely stitched up... be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our youtube clip revealing it.

Ferg's who?

Jordan also owns Ferg’s, a small suburban bar which opened in Stepney, January 2019. It was originally opened as a cellar door to show off local natural wines who share the same ethos, to then grow to become a bar which also hosts events and parties. Playing live tunes and serving amazing wines, it’s a great little hidden gem.

Source: Ferg's Instagram

 Image source: Ferg's Instagram 

Naturally, this led us to his new releases, and they're all effin delicious. The first being a Shiraz, a fun and different variety of grape to what Jordan would usually produce with. It drinks super easily as he has used a lighter-style red technique to bring out the bright juicy flavours, creating a very more-ish wine. We also tried his new skin contact Riesling, which is an exciting and electric wine with a wonderful intensity. This has been produced in quite a limited release so we definitely recommend jumping in fast on this beauty. Finally, his Pinot Noir is bursting with complexity and texture, providing the most beautiful aromatics in a true 100% whole bunch style.

We concluded the day by asking who Jordan thinks we should go see next, to which he threw us over to Riley Harrison from Harrison wines. So keep your eyes peeled, and watch this space legends - exciting things ahead xx

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