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Adelaide Fringe - show recommendations for you legends!

Fringe is here - our favourite time of year!

We've blinked at it's already Fringe Season here in Adelaide, heading further into mad March and the festival season! This year, our Juice Traders team is super stoked to be providing you with some show, food and booze recommendations. We've even collaborated with some of these acts and vendors to giveaway a host of fringe-themed prizes! This week our Juice Traders team are sharing our top Fringe show recommendations!



From just $30 per ticket, and at a reasonable time of 6:30pm every evening, Juice Traders take on this must see show - an epic, mesmerising and glitter-filled twist on Cabaret!

Our team had a blast, being taken on a desert festival journey where community, freedom, self-expression and love are celebrated. Think Burning Man vibes!

These key themes are showcased through incredible singing, dancing, (jazz, tap and lyrical), costumes and music from the 70's through to now, from an array of entertaining genres including pop, rock, indie and R&B (think Jamiroquai, Vengabus vibes) - the nostalgic tunes we love here at Juice Traders. You'll find yourself singing and tapping along the whole way through - we sure were!

With no main character, the show rather highlights these key themes with each artists' spotlight moment, and in doing so reveals their incredible array of talents. At the same time, the cast pepper this desert story with a sense of companionship; their dynamic group choreography leaving our team wide-eyed and awe-inspired.

The first half of Arcadia festival by day expresses the themes of  community and love, before a dust storm hits and clears to signify the end of daylight, and takes the audience into Arcadia by Night. The show moves towards softer free formed materials and costumes taking inspiration from the flower child movement expressing their 'self' with elegance and beauty.  The show hits a crescendo of eccentric costumes and colourful accessories, bring the flamboyant party celebrating freedom to life - a fantastic finale!

The entire performance end to end is feel-good and playful entertainment with incredible and engaging performers - a show that you won't want to miss this Fringe season! 


You have the chance to win 2 FREE tickets to this incredible show (Arcadia Bohemian Cabaret), check out our Instagram post here, follow us, tag your friends and be in the running to win! Hurry legends, as competition ends this Sunday 27th 11:59pm.

What: Arcadia Bohemian Cabaret
From Friday 25th February - Sunday 20th March
Octagon Tent, Gluttony
Buy Tickets Here

2. 27 CLUB

This must-see gig will get you praying to the rock gods. Need a mood booster, a good sing along and all round good vibes? This is the show for you!

Featuring a rotating cast of Aussie rock icons with belting voices including Sarah McLeod (The Superjesus), Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans, Jebediah), Carla Lippis, Dusty Lee Stephenson, and Wanderers.

Fated to become members of 27 Club, this iconic group of rock muso's were each the voice of their generation. '27 Club' salutes the greats who sold their soul to the devil in exchange for the witchcraft of rock; Joplin, Winehouse, Cobain, Morrison, and Hendrix. 

Come as you are to this mind-blowing celebration of the legends who will forever be 27 and the music they left behind. Our team loved this showstopper!

What: 27 Club
From Friday 25th Feb - Sunday 6th March
The Moa (open-air), Gluttony, Rymill Park
Buy Tickets Here 


Step into a Tokyo night of wonder and magic in a truly unique Japanese venue - part bar and part magic show, what could be better?!

A multi-sensory experience cocooned within a riot of neon and with a delicious drink in hand, charismatic master magicians perform just for you.

Direct from Japan, these tricksters will conjure a glittering Tokyo night full of delicious drinks, astonishing acts and crazy fun. 

Quirky, and a surprisingly fun experience. Another not-to-miss experience at Fringe this year!

What: Maho Magic Bar
From Friday 25th Feb - Sunday 20th March
Maho Magic Bar, The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Buy Tickets Here


We've curated a range of on-the-go drinks we think pair perfectly with a night at the garden, or as you wander through the vibrance of East End's street party... whether you're a red, white or non-alcoholic drinker, we have you covered legends!

For the red drinker...

Architects Of Wine, Normale, Nebbiolo, 2020

Architects Of Wine, Normale, Nebbiolo, 2020

A local favourite from the Adelaide Hills. This big boy wine is for anyone who enjoys something bold, structured, and tannic. Still juicy but definitely something robust and full! A Nebbiolo that still is natural in its creation, but classically lovely in its execution. 


For the white drinker...

Borachio, Chardonnay, 2020

Another local favourite from Mount Compass in SA! Textural and memorable with very Small yields from the hills in 2020, but that being said the quality of what went to bottle is "Saaahhh Gouda"! Thanks Mark and Alicia! 


Something tasty minus the alcohol...

Monceau, Blood Orange Kombucha, Low Alcohol Pet-Nat
Blood Oranges from the Riverland in S.A. Monceau's Blood Orange Kombucha is brimming with floral, aromatic notes and a spritzy balance of sour and sweet. Drink responsibly!
Something convenient and transportable, perfect for Fringe...
Konpira Maru, "TOP GUN" Triple Pack , 2021

The Goose White, Red and Rosé mini 330ml wines, a variety for all occasions! Convenient, transportable and delicious drops from The Alpine Valley Victoria!
We hope our recommendations keep you entertained, and your glasses full! Enjoy Fringe season legends!
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