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Our next BLIND WINE & DINE event is being hosted at Press* Food & Wine by Jordan Hein (Moorak) & Riley Harrison (Harrison Wines) on Monday the 18th of October at 6.30pm. Book Now to secure your table.


It's been ice ice cold baby, and everyone knows that means snuggling at home with a glass of wine and a nice game of trivial pursuit with your favourite humans. It's a wholesome scenario many of us know and love, but why save it for just home? 

For the second time, Juice Traders is hosting the ultimate wholesome wine-themed trivia night in the form of Blind Wine & Dine. A funky spin on "blind wine tasting" and the Options Game.


What the hell is the Options Game?

Well believe it or not, sommeliers, WSET students, winemakers, waiters, etc have pretty fun ways of stuffing all their wine knowledge into their pretty little heads! We call it Options, and it involves blindly tasting wine to discern its characteristics based solely on sight, taste & smell. It ain't easy. But it is fun.


So, Blind Wine & Dine is blind wine tasting?

At its core, yeah. We're combining quiz night and options into something more glorious; but you've got the idea. 6 wines blindly served and we give you multiple choice questions to answer what the hell they are! Combine this with fabulous wine-industry hosts and a heap of awesome prizes, and you can see how this is morphing into a monster of a good time. 


Who, When, Where, How & How Much?

There's a lot to answer here! Let's take this point by point:

Who: Each event is hosted by a couple of bottle-toting wine-guns, usually producers or suppliers we work closely with! It's always different so it's always a new kind of fun - just like we want it. We've secured the likes of Michael Downer (Murdoch Hill), Jono Hersey (French Wine Centre, Hersey Vineyards), Jordan Hein (Moorak Wines, Ferg's Stepney) & Riley Harrison (Harrison Wines), with plans to keep the big names coming!

When: Hosted Monday nights, from 6:30pm until late. Don't make plans for after because we're diving down the rabbit hole of fun baby.

Where: Juice Trades spearheads the organisation of all events, however the hosting venue is on rotation, as we do not currently have bricks & mortar of our own. Our latest venue hosts have included Leigh Street Wine Room & Press* Food & Wine

How & How Much: Blind Wine & Dine has a ticket price of $80 per person! This gets you your 6 tasting wines, as well as a sumptuous snack menu (courtesy of our host venue for the night). Teams are made up of 4 people, and there are a heap of prizes to snap up throughout the night (including our winning prize of a magnum of something special). You can book via our HOST VENUE. Spots are limited, and once we are full that is it! So snap your spot up today kit kats.









Our next BLIND WINE & DINE event is being hosted at Press* Food & Wine by Jordan Hein (Moorak) & Riley Harrison (Harrison Wines) on Monday the 18th of October at 6.30pm. Book Now to secure your table.


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