Electric Gin is here - Juice Traders X Threefold Distilling - Juice Traders

Electric Gin is here - Juice Traders X Threefold Distilling


Introducing Electric Gin! Orange, Sage, Macadamia and Long Pepper is distilled with classic London Dry gin botanicals, creating a full-flavoured and versatile gin. Perfect on it's own, or in a cocktail, as long as you have fun whilst doing it! 

Our collaboration with Threefold Distilling began in early 2021. With Juice Traders starting out as a wine store, and growing to curate an array of boutique beverages, working with a small and passionate distiller such as Threefold Distilling to produce something awesome was a no brainer! 

We wanted to create a gin from scratch with a fun, local distiller. Something quirky and citrus driven - a malleable gin that represents the easy going nature of Juice Traders, but also diverse range of venues that we are part of!

With Threefold opening their new distillery, they wanted to kick off a series of co-labs and we wanted to be their first.

We spent a lot of time discussing what we wanted the gin to taste like, while the Threefold team taught us how it’s made, the primary elements which we chose, smelt and tasted, and tweaked to produce the fresh final product.

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To whole heartedly represent our range of sister venues across Adelaide and to suite our specially curated house cocktails, the primary elements of the gin includes; orange to represent Juice Traders, long pepper to represent Peel St Restaurant, fennel to represent Leigh Street Wine Room, and cardamom to represent Press* Food and Wine, all elements embellish the good times of the venue and their food.

Electric gin has now become the 'house pour' gin for all of our sister venues! Next time you visit, make sure you try out our Electric Gin!


For all of our cocktails, we chose to use and support local, trusted products. Ones that perfectly compliment the profile and versatility of the Electric Gin within.They are carefully selected to work in harmony with one another to produce fresh, nuanced drinks representative of Electric Gin's place within each venue.

Not only are these products made by like-minded legends, but when stacked up against all the vermouths, tonics and bitters tried and tested with our gin (and believe us, there were a lot), without a doubt those chosen are a match made in heaven!

Take a look into the cocktails we've curated for each of our sister venues in Adelaide:

A classic G& T - available at Peel St Restaurant

G&T’s are the bread and butter of gin drinkers. They’re fresh, simple & delicious...just like Peel St Restaurant. 


Negroni - available at Press Food and Wine

Just like the venue it represents, the Negroni is a powerful & classic


Martini - available at Leigh Street Wine Room

Arguably the most famous cocktail, Martini’s are refined, simply made and diverse in their form. Making them the perfect cocktail for Leigh Street Wine Room.


Corpse Reviver - available at Threefold Distilling

When we asked Threefold to create their own cocktail with Electric Gin, they knew they wanted something fun! This Blue Curacao take on the Corpse Reviver is certainly that!


And last but not least, a classic Gin n Juice - a Juice Traders favourite.

The classic gin & juice is fresh, humble & always enjoyable (not unlike Juice Traders). An approachable drink with nod to sustainability... avoid food waste by using any-old fruit in your home you have yet to consume and get creative with your juice! 

Make each drink unique and completely your own.

You better believe you can buy these special cocktails in a pack from Juice Traders! Click here to buy the cocktail packs.


We've even put together a cute little complimentary cocktail booklet for you to make these delicious cocktails yourself with our new Electric Gin! 

Click here to download your FREE Juice Traders cocktail booklet!

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